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Kanito is the 'all-in-one' marketplace for all your pet needs. The platform offers pet owners a simple way to choose the best treatments for their beloved pets.

I prototyped and designed a web platform and their mobile apps that’s intuitive and accessible despite its complex underpinnings. What arose was a visual language that puts the pet’s services in focus.


  • Creative Direction
  • UX   /   UI Design
  • Responsive Design

  • Motion Design
  • App Design
  • Icon Design


  • Sketchapp
  • Principleformac
  • Zeplin



Developed all the functionalities and their wireframes, I tried to design how users should have used Kanito. I tried to figure out the simplest way to interact with the platform designing a lot of different user flows and taking just the ones which looked really easy and short.

I realized a colour palette that immediately shows the purpose of this platform. I used the orange for the primary actions: a colour that brings attention to the target, inspires optimism, happiness and warmth. The font I used are Montserrat for titles, and Open Sans for paragraphs.

I created a homogenous family of iconographic elements that allowed for an immediate association.

I design a dedicated User Experience and a simple and intuitive User Interface. The result is something functional but at the same time beautiful.

Pet owner or owner of a professional activity can quickly create an account on the platform. With these onboarding process, they can easily understand the purpose of Kanito and make a conscious decision on whether or not create a business account.

Kanito strives to give breeders, trainers, groomers and more 'a voice' in the pets business. I partnered with them to create a digital platform that showcases their business. Kanito gives people the freedom to compare prices and book online various treatments for their pets.

Users can create announces for adopting dogs, for events or to sell their purebred puppies. Thanks to the suggestions I got from the expert of Kanito's team, I developed the easiest to use announce creator.

The landing page was the first and the last piece of the puzzle. I created it for the fast-booking of pets services and as an online brochure of Kanito’s core features to capture the user’s attention.

I designed also landing pages to inform users that Kanito is the right place both for those looking for services for their pets and for those who want to offer these services.

The entire iOS app is based on the principles described by Apple in their Human Interface Guidelines. The User Interface is made according to these specifications but reflects the Kanito brand as well.

Designs were made with adaptability in mind in order to provide consistency throughout any device type. This experience helped us to recreate the same login/sign up funnels for the mobile app.​​​​​​​

For the mobile app, we developed a new flow, super easy to use in order to choose always the right service for your pet. The experience needs to be flawless: in few simple steps, the user can choose, compare and book the perfect service for his pet's needs.

Kanito guarantees the best experience on the market making all their services simple to find and easy to book. I developed an app with a smooth experience that takes nothing away from your bookings.


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