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One Planet, One Future is an ongoing artistic project by Anne de Carbuccia to document human caused threats to the environment. Thanks to an intuitive and addictive interface, Anne's cause was put in the centre of the scene.

Its a project with a delicate purpose, so it was essential bridge the gap between the users and the cause through content and storytelling.


  • Creative Direction
  • UX   /   UI Design
  • Responsive Design


  • Sketchapp
  • Principleformac
  • Zeplin



The new guidelines gave the opportunity to communicate and best represent Anne's cause. All the visual standards have been perfected so as to define a new identity to the cause.

It was crucial to design an intuitive and engaging graphical interface that gave clarity to the message. The aim was to establish an atmosphere of empathy and trust between the cause and the user, highlighting Anne's photos and videos.

To connect the public to the values and interests of Anne, the layout to be uniform and well-defined. I developed a template that would fit both models (mobile and desktop) to maximize flexibility while maintaining an innovative layout throughout the website.

Thanks to the support of prototypes, I was capable to analyze and quickly improve the look of some animations and micro-interactions that enabled me to highlight Anne's message. Using a modular grid, I designed a series of prototypes that easily adapted to a variety of content, such as photo gallery.

Designs were made with adaptability in mind in order to provide consistency throughout any device type. This refined mobile experience then helped to create new funnels for the Anne Carbuccia’s causes.