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One Planet, One Future is an ongoing artistic project by Anne de Carbuccia to document human-caused threats to the environment. Anne de Carbuccia uses photographs, installations, videos and conferences to show images of cultural and spiritual relevance that powerfully depict what we have and what we may lose.

I developed a fresh and innovative UI that offered a friendly vision of the platform. I helped to define the user experience and visual design for the web and responsive platform.


  • Creative Direction
  • UX   /   UI Design
  • Web   Responsive Design

  • Motion Design


  • Sketchapp
  • Principleformac
  • Zeplin



I realized a colour palette that comprises primary and secondary colors. They’ve been designed to work harmoniously with each other.

One design Guidelines

I design a dedicated User Experience and a simple and intuitive User Interface. The result is something functional but at the same time beautiful.

One UI elements

I developed both templates and unique pages to maximize flexibility while maintaining innovative layouts throughout the informational website.

One templates

I began by building a series of prototypes with a responsive, modular grid to fit a variety of content like photo gallery and slideshow. By designing within this framework, I was able to iterate and improve quickly, testing the look of some animations.

One pages

Designs were made with adaptability in mind in order to provide consistency throughout any device type. This refined mobile experience then helped to create new funnels for the Anne Carbuccia’s causes.

One UI responsive